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Your Choice
For Change.

The needs of our communities have been neglected for too long. I invite you to join me in bringing REAL change to the growth and development of our District communities. Will you stand with us?

Stand With Us!

It starts with you. Together, we can stand for a vision of our county that values equitable investment in our public infrastructure, economic opportunity, and poverty reduction while addressing the needs of our poor and working class.


A Message from Terrance

I grew up right here in Leon County. I watched my late mother dedicate 42 years of her life working for the county before she passed on. Her life inspired me to continue the work to make our community better. My father was an entrepreneur, which taught me the importance and value of owning your own business. From job creation to charitable giving, I’ve seen what prosperous businesses can do with a fair chance to succeed in our local marketplace. But, for too long, the needs of our community have been neglected as I’ve witnessed a district slowly transform into something other than the affluent sector I once knew. It is my commitment to make the economic development of our district a priority to decision-makers — and no longer an afterthought. 


That’s why I’ve been passionately working to educate and empower local small businesses with local partnerships. I intend to pour this same passion into improving the lives and livelihood of the residents in my district by working to improve public infrastructure, education, equitable economic opportunity, and community health. It’s going to take the support of my entire community. With your help, we can bring REAL change for the prosperity of our community. I appreciate all of your support and contributions that will make these goals a reality for our community and the future of our district.

Yours in prosperity,


Terrance L. Barber
Candidate for Leon County Commission, District 1


The Issues

What We Stand For.
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The health of our community depends on the physical and mental health of the people that live and work in it. It’s time to invest in the right resources and programs that addresses the health and well-being of our people.

Community Health

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I believe that an educated and informed community is an empowered community. The work starts with equipping and empowering our educators and students with the resources they need to succeed.


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To improve our local economy, we need to focus on equitable investment in programs and resources that will empower local businesses, create jobs, and strengthen our workforce to support continued growth.

Economic Development

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Access to viable public infrastructure is key to keeping our community moving forward. We need to ensure that our leaders no longer overlook the needs of our community when deciding to invest in our city’s infrastructure.

Public Infrastructure

Youth Services

Leon county has one of the highest juvenile incarceration rates in the state of Florida. To remedy this, I will cultivate and engage more youth programs for at-risk teens and implement mental health counseling into our schools. This is especially important for children who are already dealing with traumatic situations at home compounded by the challenges and hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Make A Contribution

With your help, we can bring the equitable advancement of our community to the forefront of public policy-making. Thank you in advance for your consideration and support.


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